Federal Standard 1037C: Telecommunication

Traemos a Eutropelia un recurso bastante completo acerca de terminología de telecomunicaciones. Se trata del Federal Standard 1037C, Glossary of Telecommunication Terms, que ha puesto a disposición del público general una serie de términos relacionados con las telecomunicaciones, de los cuales incluye una breve definición, así como, cuando los hay, los sinónimos de dicho término.
Por ejemplo:

macrobend loss: In an optical fiber, that loss attributable to macrobending. Synonym curvature loss.

# a. This glossary provides standard definitions for the fields subsumed by the umbrella discipline of telecommunications. Fields defined herein include: antenna types and measurements, codes/ coding schemes, computer and data communications ( computer graphics vocabulary, file transfer techniques, hardware, software), fiber optics communication, facsimile types and techniques, frequency topics ( frequency modulation, interference, spectrum sharing), Internet, ISDN, LANs (MANs, WANs), modems, modulation schemes, multiplexing techniques, networking ( network management, architecture/topology), NII, NS/EP, power issues, PCS/UPT/ cellular mobile, radio communications, routing schemes, satellite communications, security issues, switching techniques, synchronization/timing techniques, telegraphy, telephony, TV (UHF, VHF, cable TV, HDTV), traffic issues, transmission/ propagation concerns ( signal loss/ attenuation, transmission lines), video technology, and wave propagation/measurement terminology.

# b. The terms and accompanying definitions contained in this standard are drawn from authoritative non-Government sources such as the International Telecommunication Union, the International Organization for Standardization, the Telecommunications Industry Association, and the American National Standards Institute, as well as from numerous authoritative U.S. Government publications. The FTSC Subcommittee to Revise FED-STD-1037B has rewritten many definitions as deemed necessary either to reflect technology advances or to make those definitions that were phrased in specialized terminology more understandable to a broader audience.

LINK: Federal Standard 1037C: Telecommunication

PD: Pese al día en el que estamos, este enlace no es ninguna inocentada🙂


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