Acronym Finder

With more than 575,000 human-edited entries, Acronym Finder is the world’s largest and most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. Combined with the Acronym Attic, Acronym Finder contains more than 4 million acronyms and abbreviations.
You can search or filter terms from the following categories:
Information Technology (IT): Information technology, Internet/Web, telecommunications, computing & computer science, hardware, software, etc. (over 82,000 definitions)
Military & Government: Local, national and international governments, military, defense, defense industry, weapons systems, etc. (over 149,000 definitions)
Business & Finance: Business, finance, accounting, marketing, real estate, shipping, companies, stock markets, products, etc. (over 70,000 definitions)
Science & Medicine: Popular science, hard science, medicine, nature, engineering, physics, space, astronomy, geology, chemistry, etc. (over 138,000 definitions)
Organizations & Schools: Local, national, and international organizations, schools, colleges, universities, education, non-profits, NGOs, etc. (over 182,000 definitions)
Slang & Pop Culture: Slang, chat, instant messaging, newsgroups, sports, people, pop culture, etc. (over 39,000 definitions)

LINK: Acronym Finder

Acronym Finder también cuenta con su propio blog, en el que se pueden encontrar “The latest news and information about Acronym Finder and related sites.”

LINK: Acronym Finder Blog



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